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Lowering your utility bills and raising the comfort level of your home or building is easy with Minnesota Building Contractors innovative attic insulation system. That’s because Minnesota Building Contractors uses high-quality blown-in fiberglass insulation that shields your home from the Minnesota area’s extreme temperature variations.

By working in conjunction with the replacement of your new roof, Minnesota Building Contractor’s professionals can quickly install your attic insulation, at no discomfort or inconvenience to you. Unlike other products and systems, Minnesota Building Contractors can complete your attic insulation job within just a few hours, with minimal to no dust. In fact, you may never realize that your attic insulation has been installed…until your next utility bill!

Contact Minnesota Building Contractors for more information or a no-obligation roofing and attic insulation consultation.

“Having Minnesota Building Contractors install attic insulation while they were replacing my roof was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my home. My heating and cooling bills have decreased by 20%.” -A MBC client in Owatonna, MN