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Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Are You Going To Be Here When My New Roof Gets installed?

“Good question. Most of the time, the salesman sitting across from you at your kitchen table will not be present during the production phase. In reality, do you really want them there? Production day is proof of what you purchased. Whatever guarantees your salesperson made to you should be happening on this day. You want to be certain that the person you are listening to, the company they represent, and the product you are purchasing will be delivered. At MBC, this is what makes us function so well. You will be talking to one of the owners, Bill or Ray, and production is the lifeline of our success.”

What is your installation schedule?

You need to know the schedule of the company you are considering. Top quality contractors are often very busy, especially the summer months. Sometimes it makes sense to wait for the busiest and best installation company. One suggestion is to plan ahead. Many homeowners that are not experiencing any roofing leaks are able to plan their roofing project several months in advance.

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Do you have Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance? Can you provide a Certificate of insurance from your insurance provider?

You should only consider doing business with contractors who carry full coverage for both workers compensation and liability policies, including completed operations coverage. You should require their insurance provider mail a Certificate of Insurance directly to your home.

Will any Roofing system you install on my home lower my homeowner’s insurance premium?

Some Roofing systems may lower your insurance premium, however, there are may variables including the type of roof you currently have, the policy you have and the specifications from your insurance company. You should contact your insurance agent for a list of materials that qualify for a premium discount.

How long will it take to install my Roofing System?

The average roof replacement should require approximately 1 to days. Factors that could affect this include the size of your home, the number of existing layers that must be removed and the accessibility of the roof for loading materials either by a loading vehicle for roof top delivery or by hand. A roofing field supervisor should be able to give you an accurate estimate regarding the amount of time required for your installation.

Do you clean up every day?

Roof materials and corresponding debris should be picked up each day. The final clean up process should include rolling the yard, side walk and drive way with a magnet to remove nails.

Will you tear off my entire roof at once?

“Except for small jobs that can be completed in one day, the entire roof should never be removed at once. Each day, a field supervisor and crew foreman should decide on the areas of your roof to be removed and replaced that day. This decision should be based on the size of your home and the weather conditions/forecast. At no point during the project should your home be left open to the weather overnight.”

How do you protect my home if it rains overnight?

Each evening your home should be properly covered with new roof materials in areas that were removed that day. In the event of surprise weather your contractor should have tarps on hand to cover the areas of your roof that have not yet been replaced.

How will you protect my landscaping?

Protection around your home should be designed based on your homes specific situation. Plywood, tarps and other protection should be placed to minimize and control the roof debris during removal and installation.

Do I need additional ventilation?

Ventilation is critical in assuring your new roof will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If your current shingles are blistering, more then likely your roof is not vented properly. A Roofing Contractor should be able to measure your home properly to determine and recommend the type and amount of ventilation your home needs.

Do you replace all metals on my roof?

Replacing all flashing on a roof replacement is necessary for the roof system to function properly. Be sure your contractor addresses metal flashing replacement in their estimate.

Do my gutters have to be removed?

In most cases the gutters do not need to be removed. With the proper precautions a roof can be replaced without damaging the gutters.  On a lot of homes in order to replace the Drip Edge the gutters do need to be removed because most gutters are installed with fasteners drilled through the face of the Drip Edge.  At MBC we Detach & Reset gutters all the time to make sure your roofing system meets the local building code.

How long is my warranty on workmanship? Materials?

Each contractor should specify warranty terms in the proposal. Most labor warranties cover 5 years. Most roofing contractors provide five years material warranties in addition to the warranties provided by the material manufacturer. Manufacturer’s warranties range from twenty years to limited lifetime warranties. The most important component of the workmanship warranty rests in the contractor still being in the business should you have a claim.

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MBC follows the highest Roofing installation standards to ensure the complete protection and satisfaction for you and your home.

What our customers have to say:

“Several months ago we had water damage appear on two of our ceilings in our home. We called our insurance company and they requested we get a contractor to come out and look at our roof to give us an estimate on the damage. We met with one contractor, and then we met with Bill Ferrie from Minnesota Building Contractors. It was not hard to decide who we wanted when our insurance adjuster came.

Bill’s experience as an insurance adjuster and contractor set him apart. He helped us get informed and made us feel comfortable. As a result, our home has a new roof up to code, and our interior ceilings have been completely redone. We are so happy.”

Dick and Paulette Nelson
Clarks Grove, MN